In the World of Magic, the heart is the source of all power.

Heartless was originally a 5 episode dramatic/fantasy web series created by Unfiltered Entertainment in collaboration with No Seat Belts Productions.

Captured by agents of a shadow government that controls magical beings, con artist and thief Alexander Crowley wakes up handcuffed in a basement cell. But Alex has a secret. He has no heart. And without a heart, the root of all human connection, Alex cannot be controlled by magic. In a desperate bid to keep Alex in play, the agents reveal that his long lost sister Dahlia is alive and being held by the coven they are there to destroy.

Although his lack of a heart keeps him from feeling love or hope, the past still has power over Alex. Now he must trust the agents to help him rescue his sister, the one person powerful enough to find and restore his heart.

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A quick look at the characters in the world of Heartless.


How Alex lost his heart.


Alex and his sister Dahlia are reunited.